24’s Make It Happen Podcast


Peggy Sutton, founder of To Your Health Sprouted Flour, Co. and leader in the sprouted grain revolution, shares how she went from sprouting in her home kitchen to the largest producer of sprouted grains and flours in the United States, as well as her advice to anyone who has a product ready to bring to market.

In this episode of the “Make It Happen” Podcast, Karl Finkelstein, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Valbridge Property Advisors, talks about what makes Valbridge unique, how they’ve grown to become the largest independent commercial appraisal firm in the U.S., their corporate culture and more.

Ransomware is hitting organizations far and wide. In this episode of the “Make It Happen” Podcast, Steve Meany, VP of Government Solutions with Information Transport Solutions, explains what Ransomware is, how it can devastate a business or organization and the necessary steps to help thwart these attacks.