Working to Work Again

Any eager business person is constantly looking for new clients. However while new clients are certainly a vital part to the success of your business, returning clients are equally as important – if not more! Why? While a new client is an exciting thing that shows you are doing something right, it’s the fact that they keep coming back for more that proves your business is really doing good work. New clients should absolutely put a smile on your face, but that smile will grow even more the second time they walk through your doors. Clients are unquestionably needed, but the loyal clients are the ones who keep your business going!

You can read back on the blog to find ways to advertise your new business, or figure out how to overhaul your brand – both of which will help you market yourself to reach new clients. However, what is the key to make that first-time client become a faithful client that tells everyone about the great work you do? In order to achieve that, you must adopt a “working to work again” mindset. Your success is determined by the expectations you set for yourself. Therefore, you are required to go above and beyond for every client. It is imperative to set your business expectations high, and know what sets you apart from your competition. In order for your business to thrive you must be prepared, hardworking, and unafraid to fail.

Be Prepared

  1. Approach every project with the goals of the client in mind.
  2. Take the time to learn about your client’s business – do your homework.
  3. Have procedures in place to manage client expectations and eliminate frustration.
  4. Deliver results that work – always consider how your services will impact the client’s bottom line.

Be Hardworking

  1. Inspect what you expect – check your work!
  2. Project Management – have good project workflow documents in place.
  3. Think ahead in order to anticipate problems and provide solutions.
  4. Attitude is everything – are you pushing yourself to deliver your best work or just getting by with the status quo?

Be Unafraid to Fail

  1. Learn from your mistakes and take chances on new opportunities.
  2. Let your clients be your cheerleaders! When you go the extra mile for them, let them give you praise when you succeed on their behalf.
  3. Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney – Failure is what created success stories for these people! You’re in good company.

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