Will You Be Found When Needed?

This is one way website marketing works well. A few years ago, we designed a website for a client that included marketing strategies for both organic and paid search.

The organic strategies meant that keywords were used in the copy – and that content is added routinely so that search engines recognize the activity and rank them higher in unpaid search results. The paid search strategies meant that we designed AdWords campaigns based on the client’s set budget. Accordingly, when prospects enter keywords or demonstrate web activity that fit our client, ads appear in their search results as well as during visits to sites that include advertising.

Several hundred miles away from this client’s home office, a business had a need. The prospective customer entered certain search engine terms and ultimately landed on our client’s website.

From there, he found a professional website design with easy-to-follow navigation. The copy presented a compelling, benefit-rich message, and the menu links offered additional content that supported and validated the main message. In other words, everything that the prospect needed to prompt a contact was within that website. And the contact was made.

How will you bring customers to your website? What will they find when they’re there? We’d be glad to help you answer those questions. We’re 24 Communications, an advertising agency in downtown Montgomery. Give us a call or send us an email and let’s talk.

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