Why Responsive Design Is Important

We sure hope your website marketing is responding to the explosion of smartphone use.

More than 149 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones between August and October 2013, according to a report from comScore. That’s certainly a lot of devices, and they’re affecting how most of us shop, research and make decisions. But not just when we’re on the go.

A recent Google-Neilson study found that 77 percent of mobile searches are conducted at home or at work, even when a PC is nearby. Apparently, speed and convenience trump larger screens. Your website design should reflect this growing trend.

Your site needs to be fast and presentable on mobile devices so that people can navigate quickly. Think of it this way. If they need to pinch the screen to view your content, they may choose a quicker route: try another site.

Our recommendation: First, make sure your site is responsive to any size device. Second, if you’re going to rebuild your site and don’t have the budget for a responsive site, wait till you have the budget. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo it later.

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