What Does Your Data Tell You?

Your prospects and customers have a lot to say about how well they’re responding to your marketing – yet only some of this feedback actually comes in the form of words. Instead, your data analytics gives you essential measures of the effectiveness of your marketing programs as well as the return on your investment.

For example, the basics of web analytics will tell you how many visitors have come to your website, how long they’ve stayed, what web pages they viewed and if this is their first time to visit. You can also see how spikes in online activity correspond with your traditional advertising campaigns. Numbers of social media followers and new subscribers give evidence of response. Your email campaigns also provide much information, including telling you how well your subject lines are working by the open rate and how persuasive your message is through click-through rates.

Yet that’s only the starting point. The deeper you delve into your data analytics, the more you can learn and the better you can apply. This could include identifying the channels that are most likely to drive buying customers to your website, and creating personalized experiences that can aid their buying process.

Ultimately, a valuable analysis of your data is more than looking at a set of numbers. With data analytics, you gain “actionable insight” that you can apply in your next marketing campaign or communications program, so that you can invest your advertising budget more strategically.

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