Tips for Website Development

Developing a strong website takes more than a knowledge of HTML code and a skill for graphic design. As a matter of fact, how you conduct your website development supports or detracts from your overall marketing strategy. That’s because interwoven within a sound website design are a number of strategies and practices that, for starters, can draw visitors to your site, enable them to find what they need, and show them how to take the next steps. Specifically, your website marketing should incorporate these principles.

Mobile and Tablet-Friendly Design

A study from Pew Research released last year noted that 68% of American adults connect to the Internet with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And that number is rising. Your website has to be able to be viewed by a mobile audience, or you’ll lose large amounts of potential traffic. So make sure it has a responsive design that conforms to any size screen.

Clean Navigation

Can your website visitors find what they need? Your navigation should be easy to use and intuitive for the visitor to follow. For example, everyone who uses websites knows how to get back home – assuming a little home icon is included on every page. They also expect website content to be organized in a logical fashion so they can find what they need in the fewest clicks possible. Just to make sure, it’s a good idea to conduct a usability test prior to the launch of a site. Ask a team to visit your site, navigate the pages, look for certain pieces of information, and alert you to any difficulty or confusion they experience. Site menu buttons and site search fields are also helpful for extensive websites.


Did you notice the “what color is this dress?” Internet sensation a few weeks back? The confusion about whether some thought it was “gold and white” and others saw “black and blue” should remind you that not everyone sees color in the same way. Website design professionals should design with an awareness that some people are color blind. You’ll also want to include special design features that enable your website to be accessed by individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities.

SEO Strategies

What good is your website if no one comes to visit? Incorporating SEO strategies into your website development can help draw the kinds of visitors who can potentially find just what they’re looking for in your goods and services. Incorporating keywords into your website copy, titles and description meta tags on each page is fundamental to this strategy.

Call to Action

If you want your visitors to take an action, let them know what to do (call us, buy now, register today, sign up for our email list, and so forth). Make your call to action visible and logical. Also, for those who want to get in touch or ask questions, don’t forgot to make your contact information easy to find. In addition to a contact page, it’s a great idea to include phone number and email address in the footer for each page.

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