The Most Effective Words for Email Campaigns

We all know that words have power, but when it comes to your business’s email marketing campaigns, do you really know which words will encourage your subscribers to act, buy, and/or give?

Believe it or not, a few small tweaks to changing how you write your emails just might be the key to increasing engagement. By using more influential words, you can push your subscribers to take the action your email campaign intends to ignite. You’ve landed in your customers’ inboxes; now it’s time for some reciprocation.

At 24 Communications, we are here to help you uncover the most powerful words and phrases to use for your email marketing campaigns – the ones that ensure maximum effectiveness.

How to use powerful words in your email campaigns

To better help you identify the most powerful email subject line words for your email campaigns, consider these helpful tips:

1. Lead with emotion

Avoid the overused click-bait jargon and aim to appeal to your audience’s emotions instead. Consider the pain points of your customer base and how they will feel when your product or service helps solve that problem. These are the emotions that will increase the power of your email content.

Think adding some of these pain point healing words in your email campaign subject:

  • Tired of feeling [X]
  • Grr!
  • [X] doesn’t have to be hard
  • Make [X] fun again
  • Ugh!
  • Learn to love [X] again
  • [X] survival guide
  • [X] 101

2. Dig further into the pain point

If you prefer to cut right to the chase and want to leave emotion to the solution, dig into the pain point to show how you can make your customers’ problem or struggle painless. Instead of going with “wow” words, target specifically what your ideal customers care about.

Effective email campaign words that center around pain points and/or solutions include:

  • Ready
  • Beat
  • Advance
  • Save
  • Develop
  • Complete
  • Avoid
  • Change
  • Escape
  • Improve
  • Gain
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Sooner

3. Keep it in the now

Call to action. Call to action. Call to action! We can’t stress it enough.

Words and phrases that inspire a sense of urgency instantly make your emails and subject lines more powerful. You can spark urgency without using all caps or a gazillion exclamation points. Try incorporating these words into your email campaigns:

  • Now
  • Fast
  • Save your spot
  • Limited time
  • Before tickets run out
  • Limited supply
  • First come, first serve
  • Be the first
  • The clock is ticking
  • Don’t miss [X]
  • Before [X] is gone

4. Make it personal

Throw third person out the window. Your email campaigns become more compelling when you address your customers personally. The intimacy, so to speak, gives your message a personal feel.

This viewpoint can make your subscriber feel like you’re speaking to them exclusively, rather than a group of people. Try these words on for size:

  • You
  • Your
  • Our
  • Us
  • All of us
  • We
  • Together, we…

5. Show them you care

A little goes a long way – in life and in your emails. Show your customers a little love by using appreciative words in your email campaigns and subject lines.

When you reach a new goal, thank your customers with a new deal, host a customer appreciation event, or send a kind email thanking new subscribers for signing up. And don’t forget to use these:

  • Thank you
  • Thanks
  • You’re the best
  • We appreciate you
  • Couldn’t have done it without you
  • Here’s a reward
  • You deserve this
  • Because you helped us [X], we’re giving you [Y]
  • You’re awesome
  • Because of you, [X]
  • Thanks to you, [X]

More tips for effective email campaigns

Don’t get lost in the inbox abyss of personal messages, promotions, spam sales, news pushes, and more. Here are some more words we suggest using in your email campaign subject line to help you stand out:

  • Secrets
  • Tips
  • Effective
  • Learn how to [X] with this guide
  • The [X] you’ve been waiting for

Words and characters to avoid

Just steer clear whenever you can:

  • Free
  • Buy
  • Purchase
  • Order
  • Urgent
  • Exclamation points !!!!!
  • Dollar signs $$$

Keep in mind that the ‘rules’ for powerful words are not all black and white. In fact, the most powerful words for emails and their subject lines will vary by industry, and according to what’s being offered and who it’s being offered to.

What works for one business may not work for another, and what works for one brand’s personality may not work for another. The key really getting to know your audience base and what appeals to them. Use these guidelines and apply them to your business, then use your metrics to test, measure, and optimize the most powerful words for your email campaigns.

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