Design Tips for Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are a great opportunity to put your best foot forward when meeting with your market face to face. But be careful that your exhibit design doesn’t detract from the good first impression you are hoping to make. First, as with all marketing materials, your trade show booth design should be consistent with your [...]

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Strategies for Email Marketing

Email marketing has two main purposes: drive people to your website and get them to take an action. This purpose underlies different types of email campaigns, including: Educational email for content marketing. When you have videos, white papers, case studies or other pieces that would benefit your target market, educational email encourages your audience to [...]

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Website Ready for Mobile Search?

According to Google, 94% of U.S. smartphone owners search for local information on their phones. And 77% do so even at home or at work, where desktop computers are typically nearby. Another source, ReachLocal, says that 87% of smartphone users use a search engine once a day. And stats like these are 100% reason your [...]

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Navigating a Website Redesign

Website designs do not last forever. Or, rather, they shouldn’t last forever but instead should be updated and redesigned as businesses grow and develop, as marketing shifts take place, and as digital technology creates more opportunities. A 10-year-old website design, for example, could be missing important search engine optimization foundations, responsive designs needed for mobile [...]

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How Well Does Your Website Sell?

If your organization is like most organizations, your website should be able to process transactions. Whether you’ve got a full slate of consumer products to offer, or books and t-shirts to sell to support your cause, or members to enroll, or conferences to promote – an online store is an important element in your website [...]

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What’s Important to Marketers?

At 24 Communications, we love to create beautiful graphic design and clever copy. Yet the higher value of the advertising pieces, websites and branding elements we develop is not in how they look, sound or impress, but in whether or not they serve your business objectives. As a full-service advertising agency, we place emphasis on [...]

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Principles of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With the mix of online and traditional media to balance, advertising budgets have gotten more complicated. But they’ve also gotten more efficient. For instance, online advertising can be strategically placed on websites that are popular with your target audience. Think local news and entertainment sites for restaurants in your neighborhood or for big events in [...]

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