Paid Media vs. Earned Media

Understanding the Value of Media Placement You’ve heard it all before We have all heard the saying, “There's no such thing as bad publicity,” right? It goes without saying that putting your brand out there for people to see will inevitably provoke some type of response, whether big or small. Even if only one person happens [...]

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Defining Your Employer Brand

As we’ve said in other blog posts, your brand identity is far more than your logo design and your advertising campaign. Your brand is the sum of everything produced or created that represents your company in addition to all the ways your organization interacts with your market. That includes how you represent yourself and interact [...]

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Design Tips for Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are a great opportunity to put your best foot forward when meeting with your market face to face. But be careful that your exhibit design doesn’t detract from the good first impression you are hoping to make. First, as with all marketing materials, your trade show booth design should be consistent with your [...]

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What’s Important to Marketers?

At 24 Communications, we love to create beautiful graphic design and clever copy. Yet the higher value of the advertising pieces, websites and branding elements we develop is not in how they look, sound or impress, but in whether or not they serve your business objectives. As a full-service advertising agency, we place emphasis on [...]

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Principles of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With the mix of online and traditional media to balance, advertising budgets have gotten more complicated. But they’ve also gotten more efficient. For instance, online advertising can be strategically placed on websites that are popular with your target audience. Think local news and entertainment sites for restaurants in your neighborhood or for big events in [...]

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Will You Be Found When Needed?

This is one way website marketing works well. A few years ago, we designed a website for a client that included marketing strategies for both organic and paid search. The organic strategies meant that keywords were used in the copy – and that content is added routinely so that search engines recognize the activity and [...]

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E-Newsletters Keep You Connected

Sending out regular e-newsletters can be an efficient and effective way to keep in touch with your customers, clients, employees, members, donors — or pretty much anyone else who is important to your organization. E-newsletters have a mix of marketing purposes, depending on the type of business you operate. For example, you may want to [...]

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Create a Microsite for Maximum Effect

What’s the next step you want prospects to take after they read your marketing piece? Call us, stop by, sign up, register today, visit our website… these are among the many calls-to-action you could use. Even so, in a consumer environment where nearly 90% of shoppers research online before buying in-store, your prospects will often [...]

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