24 Communications Giving Back: Project Greater Good

On Friday, May 18, 2018, 24 Communications will close our doors to dedicate an entire day to a local organization in need. We can’t wait! By: Jessi Minneci At 24 Communications, our passions reach beyond helping clients craft perfect websites, effective marketing strategies, and the latest SEO strategies. Our passions – or rather our [...]

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The Most Effective Words for Email Campaigns

Email campaign rate not as successful as you were hoping? The experts at 24 Communications share the most effective words for email engagement. By: Jessi Minneci We all know that words have power, but when it comes to your business’s email marketing campaigns, do you really know which words will encourage your subscribers to [...]

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Creating Content That People Are Actually Searching For

The key to creating valuable content is to write as if you are needed, not needy By: Jessi Minneci So you’ve got your website and social profiles all set up. You are pushing out weekly… even daily blog and social posts! You know your products and/services are cool, so you’re good… right? Sorry. Not [...]

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Tips on Turning Your Social Media Followers into Customers

So you have Facebook likes and Instagram and Twitter followers… now what?!?! By: Jessi Minneci Once you hit the milestone of getting your business up and running (yay!), you more than likely worked tirelessly to increase your Facebook page’s likes and Instagram and Twitter followers. The battle was a slow and rigorous one, we’re [...]

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Landing Pages: What They Are and Why They Work

It’s important for your company to know what converts… before you can determine what will sellBy: Jessi Minneci https://vimeo.com/264082269  Landing pages. They’re arguably one of the most important pieces in the well-designed marketing puzzle. A savvy marketer, business owner, company, etc. understands that once they have taken all the steps to getting a prospective client to [...]

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Branding Your New Business

Have you ever considered starting your own business? Maybe you’ve had a career for a while and have gained experience that has you thinking about becoming your own boss. Maybe you’ve gone back and forth about jumping head first into entrepreneurship so you can live out your passion. Maybe you’ve already pitched your new business [...]

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The Need for an Integrated Marketing Plan

The tell-tale sign that a business is successful is when they have excited and devoted customers. However, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is getting those customers to walk through the door for the first time. Businesses need customers to survive, but what is the key to finding those faithful customers? Marketing. […]

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2015 MarCom Awards

24 Communications Receives Four 2015 MarCom Awards for Outstanding Creative Achieve ment   For Immediate Release October 30, 2015   Montgomery, Ala – 24 Communications announced today the company has been awarded four 2015 MarCom awards for outstanding creative achievement. 24 Communications received 1 Platinum, 2 Gold awards and 1 honorable mention for work spanning [...]

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