The Need for an Integrated Marketing Plan

The tell-tale sign that a business is successful is when they have excited and devoted customers. However, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is getting those customers to walk through the door for the first time. Businesses need customers to survive, but what is the key to finding those faithful customers? Marketing. […]

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2015 MarCom Awards

24 Communications Receives Four 2015 MarCom Awards for Outstanding Creative Achieve ment   For Immediate Release October 30, 2015   Montgomery, Ala – 24 Communications announced today the company has been awarded four 2015 MarCom awards for outstanding creative achievement. 24 Communications received 1 Platinum, 2 Gold awards and 1 honorable mention for work spanning [...]

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Improve Your Content Marketing

Search engines and website visitors like current, relevant content. So if your last blog post was dated, say, 2012, you’re clearly running behind in the field of content marketing. But even if your blog post was dated four weeks back, that’s not current either. So how can you create enough website content to keep visitors [...]

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Impact Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a set of tools and activities intended to attract the right kinds of customers and clients to your website and social media profiles. Search engine optimization is a foundation of your inbound marketing strategy. SEO relies on the skillful creation of website content and placement of keywords in this content as well [...]

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Website Ready for Mobile Search?

According to Google, 94% of U.S. smartphone owners search for local information on their phones. And 77% do so even at home or at work, where desktop computers are typically nearby. Another source, ReachLocal, says that 87% of smartphone users use a search engine once a day. And stats like these are 100% reason your [...]

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Navigating a Website Redesign

Website designs do not last forever. Or, rather, they shouldn’t last forever but instead should be updated and redesigned as businesses grow and develop, as marketing shifts take place, and as digital technology creates more opportunities. A 10-year-old website design, for example, could be missing important search engine optimization foundations, responsive designs needed for mobile [...]

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How Well Does Your Website Sell?

If your organization is like most organizations, your website should be able to process transactions. Whether you’ve got a full slate of consumer products to offer, or books and t-shirts to sell to support your cause, or members to enroll, or conferences to promote – an online store is an important element in your website [...]

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What’s the Most Important Content on Your Website?

Failing to include essential content in your website design can be the difference between someone acting on your message – or moving quickly on to the next online option. So, what’s considered to be “must have” content? It depends on how your organization operates, but you can expect that “contact information” is at the top [...]

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Sizing Up Marketing Plans

In marketing, one size does not fit all, and this fairly obvious analogy makes that point. No one really expects to achieve Coca-Cola-level brand identity on a lemonade-stand marketing budget. That’s okay, because most companies and organizations aren’t pursuing a global reach in thousands of markets in 200 countries. But wherever you do want to establish [...]

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