Sizing Up Marketing Plans

In marketing, one size does not fit all, and this fairly obvious analogy makes that point.

No one really expects to achieve Coca-Cola-level brand identity on a lemonade-stand marketing budget. That’s okay, because most companies and organizations aren’t pursuing a global reach in thousands of markets in 200 countries. But wherever you do want to establish your brand identity (beyond your next-door neighbor), you know that a hand-colored poster on the sidewalk isn’t going to do the trick.

Instead, you’ve got your budget, your products and services, your target audience, and your need to increase awareness through multiple outlets and multiple impressions. These elements will be the building blocks of your comprehensive marketing solution. Your marketing plan will create the strategic action steps for building your brand identity in your markets.

Strategic marketing is important whether you’re a public agency, a private business, a non-profit entity or any other organization with an audience. If you’re selling products or promoting causes, you have target groups who need to hear your messages.

As an example, this year, we’ve been working on a public awareness campaign that has included website redesigns, online videos, brochures, flyers, press releases, e-newsletters and social media, among other pieces. We’ve also worked with clients on online ad campaigns generating traffic to their sites. Prospects arrive on landing pages that increase conversions. Once there, they also find a depth of content marketing – case studies, white papers, blogs and more – that increase trust and engagement.

The point is that the marketing success our clients enjoy come not just from one element, but from comprehensive efforts where multiple outlets and multiple impressions are integrated and working together. May we help you too?

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