Impacting Brand Identity

How you are seen by your market is influenced greatly by what you say. Along with your brand elements of logo, color schemes, fonts, and all the other design tools you put into use, you’ll also want to consider the tone of your copy and content.

Setting the right tone starts with knowing who you are as a brand. What is the personality you wish to convey? Fun-loving, perhaps? Could be perfect if, say, you’re a karaoke bar. Serious-minded? Maybe so, if you’re an investment firm. Optimistic? Sarcastic? Youthful? Mature? Any of these could have their place, as long as your tone fits your brand’s personality.

Your tone is an expression of who you are and hints at the individuals who make up your organization. For example, if your tone is compassionate and caring – a good fit for many non-profits – people in your market will sense that they will find people who care about their concerns at the other end of their phone calls and email.

Because you want one “personality” for your marketing, your tone should be consistent in all written communication, including your advertising, website pages, emails, social media posts and customer correspondence. Regardless of the number of people in your organization, the tone you set covers all facets of who you are and how you serve. And as your tone becomes consistent and familiar, your voice breeds trust.

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