Public Relations

Crisis Communications & Building Influence

Crisis Communications

A crisis communications plan is as important as fire drills and fire extinguishers in the hallways of our offices, and the insurance plans that protect our physical assets. If we are fortunate, we will never need to use one of these safety nets, but emergency plans are an important insurance on an organization’s ability to respond to a crisis situation where every decision, and every moment, second, or minute is absolutely critical.

Public relations and crisis management plans exist in part to help ensure an organization’s public image and brand are protected when something goes wrong. Let 24 help your organization establish a crisis communication action plan and communication resource before a crisis hits. Contact 24 to get started.

Building Influence

Public relations is an integral marketing component that employs strategic communications in order to build relationships with your audiences. 24 Communications puts the principles of public relations into a plan with actionable steps that helps you stay in front of your market with a positive message. We look for creative ways to build your image in your communities, strengthening your role as a corporate citizen or influencing public discussions.

Our public relations work includes writing press releases to be distributed through PR news services. We also bring in experts to help you respond to the media with clear, compelling messages – whether you’re promoting positive news or addressing concerns that have been raised.

While public relations is integrated into online and social media platforms, our focused PR services are in these areas:

  • Media Relations / Media Training
  • Corporate Communications – Internal & External
  • Crisis Preparation & Crisis Management
  • Event Promotion

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