24 Communications Giving Back: Project Greater Good

On Friday, May 18, 2018, 24 Communications will close our doors to dedicate an entire day to a local organization in need. We can’t wait!

At 24 Communications, our passions reach beyond helping clients craft perfect websites, effective marketing strategies, and the latest SEO strategies. Our passions – or rather our core values – create the culture and heartbeat that is 24.

One of those core values includes GIVING. Recognizing that to whom much has been given much is required, our team maintains a commitment to responsible stewardship of our resources, including our time, skills, and finances. After all, who says our culture of communication can’t be incorporated into servicing our community?

With our skills and available resources, we seek to support and inspire others, while building community in our work and in our free time. That’s just one of the many reasons we created Project Greater Good.

24 Communications and Growth

Can you believe that 2018 marks our 12th birthday?! We’re so thankful for the opportunity to continue growing as a company and to serve our clients, community, and neighbors. That’s why we’re celebrating.

But this is a special celebration.

This year, we don’t want a cake or candles or presents wrapped in blooming bows. This year, we’re looking to give a gift. That’s why we’ve decided to team up with the Walker County Children’s Advocacy Center. We are so thankful to be able to give back to an organization that makes such a huge impact in our home state.

Who is the Walker County Children’s Advocacy Center?

The Walker County Children’s Advocacy Center (WCCAC) is a local nonprofit serving child victims of physical and sexual abuse and neglect. They’re a multidisciplinary partnership between professionals that investigates allegations of child abuse and exploitation in a friendly, developmentally and clinically-appropriate and culturally-sensitive manner.

The WCCAC team ensures that they have the necessary information for each and every child’s case that will reach a result that is in the best interest of the child. They take careful and calculated steps to protect each child by minimizing the amount of court appearances and potentially-traumatizing circumstances that each child is exposed to. Even after the fact, they provide life-long therapy for each victim (for as long as they need).

The angels at WCCAC are helping to protect and provide for our future generations. And we at 24 Communications want to return the favor by providing for them.

24 & WCCAC

On Friday, May 18, 2018, we will close our office doors for an entire day. Not to neglect our clients – never! Instead, we’re “shutting down” the office for the day to focus all of our resources and expertise on crafting a state of the art website for WCCAC – something that doesn’t exist at the moment yet is SUPER important for such a strong, necessary, and impactful community entity.

For one whole day, the entire team at 24 Communications will come together to focus on this wonderful organization in a project we are calling “The Greater Good.”

Website Development and the World Around Us

We live in a world where technology, like it or not, is more or less the center of our universe. An organization’s website is the foundation of their online brand, and the experts at 24 Communications are able to create strong designs with compelling copy supported by effective navigation and usability.

From there, we work with client to develop a consistent image and voice that helps build trust in their brand, integrated across all aspects of online marketing.

Our web services range from the design and implementation of websites and social media profiles to the development of marketing plans with a balance of online and traditional media, to the creation of copy and design for sharable content. We find strategic ways to leverage clients’ content across multiple platforms to maximize their brand reach.

In this day and age, the web matters to everyone. The web is an easily-accessible resource for information, help, contact, communication, and answers. In WCCAC’s case, their brand new website, designed by 24 Communications, will be instrumental for many people/victims looking for a safe haven – looking for help.

Our Goal

The goal of this much-needed website will be to provide a number of valuable resources. For VICTIMS and FAMILIES of victims, 24 Communications and WCCAC together will:

  • Provide a space for support during such a heavy-heart time
  • Educate on how to properly report abuse/neglect
  • Give the community the info on abuse and neglect that they NEED to know
  • Create a space for interested parties to get involved and volunteer
  • Give everyone a place to help further the mission of WCCAC

This birthday, 24 Communications is giving back because we care. Using our expertise to provide for the community and those in need teaches us to find compassion within ourselves, keeps us humble as humans and professionals, and keeps us attached to values that are linked to our work and service.

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