Is Your Font Appropriate?

Mike Parker created a typeface graphic designers couldn’t refuse. Known as the “godfather” of Helvetica, Parker’s role in developing the classic font was included in the announcement of his death last month.

As the article points out, Helvetica was the inspiration for such logos as Microsoft, Sears, Crate and Barrel, Nestle and who knows how many others. The sans serif typeface was a strong selection for those designs because it met the ultimate criteria: appropriateness. The font was the right fit for them. But would it be right for your brand advertising?

Font selections for your website design and other advertising pieces are as important to your message almost as much as the message itself.

For example, some typefaces convey maturity, sincerity, stability, legitimacy. This is what you’d look for if you were, say, a financial institution. Some typefaces convey lightheartedness. You might choose fonts in this camp if you’re a pediatric dentist. Other fonts give off the feeling of irreverence – perhaps a good call if your audience is in high school. The selection depends, of course, on your brand identity and how your mix of fonts add to or detracts from your marketing mission.

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