An integrated marketing campaign is a multi-channel approach to publishing and promoting company content.

When it comes to marketing your company or business, publishing all of your content on a single platform just won’t cut it in today’s tech-first world. A comprehensive approach to marketing will better help you get in front of your target audience and reach new prospects at the same time. This comprehensive approach is referred to as integrated marketing.

An integrated marketing campaign utilizes multiple channels or platforms (such as a blog, social media, email newsletters, etc.) to promote a consistent message, event, idea or company product/service. No matter which outlets you publish content on, brand messaging and identity should remain consistent across all platforms to build brand identification. The main goals of an integrated marketing campaign generally are to promote engagement with a company and to convert viewers into customers.

Top Benefits of Integrated Marketing

There are many benefits that come along with taking a multi-platform approach to marketing. Because you will be using multiple channels to distribute marketing materials, you will naturally be positioned to reach a larger audience than a company that takes a single-channel marketing approach (e.g., one that only uses blog content/SEO optimization to reach potential customers).

By publishing content across a variety of outlets, and accompanying that content with consistent brand messaging, logo representation, hashtags, links, etc., you will be increasing brand awareness by default. You are giving your company a greater chance of being seen by key prospective audience members, thus increasing your brand’s chance for remaining top-of-mind. In turn, this should eventually equal higher analytics and conversion rates.

Consistent messaging across all media outlets should also increase customer loyalty and trust in your brand. When customers notice that your brand is consistent across all platforms, they make connections to the idea that your organization is consistent in terms of business, reliability, and so on.

Last but not least, when you team up with a marketing partner like 24 Communications, a multimodal approach to content creation and sharing likely means more opportunity for your company in terms of exposure, money-saving, and ROI.