Improve Your Content Marketing

Search engines and website visitors like current, relevant content. So if your last blog post was dated, say, 2012, you’re clearly running behind in the field of content marketing. But even if your blog post was dated four weeks back, that’s not current either.

So how can you create enough website content to keep visitors coming back for more – and at the same time improve your SEO rankings? Look to these sources.

In-House Experts

You don’t have to work in the marketing department in order to write copy that engages a target market, displays expertise and builds your company’s brand. Your in-house experts can have a hand in that too. Identify team members with knowledge to share and ask them to draft a series of posts about their areas of expertise. If needed, you can edit prior to posting to make sure the message fits your brand identity, advertising campaigns and even company style guide.

Third-Party Content

To add depth, consider adding website content from industry experts and other relevant voices. Look for content that fits your brand and your content marketing strategy from sources that are reliable, trustworthy and timely. Using your blog to introduce a third-party video is a good option, for example.

Evaluate Outdated Content

Don’t leave expired content unattended. Search engines and website visitors take a dim view of outdated information. You could redirect to a current page (such as with past event promotions) or improve the copy to reflect current information. If the web page content still drives traffic to your site, you can leave it as is. Or you can delete it, but a 404 page is not the best option; no one ever likes to land there. By the way, even the copyright notice that runs along the bottom of your the website needs to be kept current.

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