Is your business taking advantage of running Google AdWords campaigns for various keyword search terms yet?

AdWords is essentially the advertising platform of Google, where companies can purchase ads that are served as top-ranking results to users who perform a relevant and related search.

With the evolution of digitization, most companies have migrated to the web and continue to work at growing their organization’s organic reach and ranking (via SEO research, precise keyword placement, and so on).  But as competition continues to grow more and more fierce, and consumers increasingly rely on the internet to make purchase decisions, paid online marketing is only becoming more essential. Thus, Google AdWords serves as a one-stop solution for aiding businesses in rising above the competition and reaching their target audience immediately.

If you don’t currently use Google AdWords – or even don’t use it to its full potential – you should seriously consider jumping on the bandwagon to jump in front of your direct competitors. The following are the main benefits of running AdWords campaigns for your business:

The Top Reasons to Run Google AdWords Campaigns

1. Increasing Brand Awareness and Reach 

With a paid campaign via Google, brands are given the ability to advertise to the audience that is currently researching their product category, niche, or expertise in the search engine. Beyond that, AdWords users can also increase their audience size by targeting specific demographics on other websites through Google Display Network. Thus, brand awareness is one of the most common benefits of running a campaign.

Google Analytics is one of the most refined and promising tools for meaningful lead generation. If your paid campaigns are set up properly, they have the potential of sending extremely targeted leads to your website, E-commerce website, opt-in form, or other online property.

2. AdWords Works Faster than Organic SEO

On Google, businesses have the opportunity to be presented to potential customers and engagers at the exact time that those individuals are searching for their product or service. But if the product or service is part of a large market, competition to rank high will most likely be cutthroat. That’s where organically ranking on search engines becomes a seriously time consuming and tedious task. With proper optimization and availing credibility from authorized websites through backlinking, good results have the potential of being brought in, but it takes time(unfortunately, usually, a lot of time).

With an AdWords campaign, however, businesses see results much faster. The bid amount of your campaign, the quality score of the keyword ad relevancy, landing page speed and experience, and expected CTR will help determine the position of the ad. Hence, with proper optimization of Google AdWords and required bid along with great SEO techniques, great ROI can be seen almost immediately.

3. The Program is Flexible

Google AdWords users will be the first to tell you that it’s an extremely flexible marketing platform suitable for all business types and sizes. In fact, AdWords advertisers can literally turn Internet traffic on and off using the system.

Campaigns can also be easily customized to focus on specific online users (as we mentioned earlier). You can target individuals in different locations, using different devices, and even those on different websites owned by Google (such as the Google search engine, YouTube, and other content websites where Google ads appear).

The budgets, or bid amounts that we mentioned before, can also be set according to the amount you’re willing to spend on this type of advertising. Examples of this include setting daily budgets and creating limits on the amount you’re willing to spend on clicks for specific keyword phrases.

4. Helps Maintain Relationship with Site Visitors

One of the coolest benefits of Google AdWords is that it enables you to reconnect with your past website visitors.

You might have “window shoppers” on your website. These people are those who have essentially visited your company’s webpages but haven’t taken any action. So, how do you remind them of you and what you could do for them? You implement Display Remarketing campaigns.

Display remarketing helps advertisers target visitors on different advertising-supported websites using banner advertisements. Assume you run a corporate travel company and a meeting planner is looking for convention center packages in the Boston area. The planner visits your site, looks at the information and packages you have to offer, but ends up not making a purchase. If the planner later visits another site with AdWords Display Remarketing enabled, your company’s image will pop up, and the user will be reminded of the deals you have to offer.

5. Results are Easy to Track

Running an ad campaign without a detailed tracking report is like trying to walk a straight line while blindfolded. If you don’t have the ability to measure results, you have no way of knowing what’s working and what’s not in order to make valuable improvements.

Google AdWords provides users with several free tools and metrics for tracking their campaigns in real time. This makes it easy to review every aspect of your ads, from knowing who clicked on which campaigns and what they were searching for, to how long they stayed on your landing page and how much it cost to get them there.

With so much information at your fingertips, you can analyze trends and make informed decisions to better optimize your ads for heightened ROI.

There are First Steps You Need to Take

Prior to purchasing a Google AdWords campaign and throwing out money here and there, you are going to want to conduct lengthy research (to figure out the terms and methods that are working for competitors and other top contenders in your niche). Working with a professional who can provide you a detailed report of that information will ease this process.

At 24 Communications, our team is extremely versed in conducting market research, advertising, branding, and website development. Our certified Adwords specialist will work with your company to determine what your target audience is thinking, the best method and schedule for reaching prospects, how well your audience is responding to your content, keyword phrases, and more.

Ready to see results? Contact a certified AdWords specialist at 24 Communications today!