Employment Branding

Building Strong Teams

How is your organization seen by the types of employees you wish to attract and recruit? The development of your employment branding will help you establish your reputation and image as an employer of choice to these target groups. Employment branding goes well beyond a careers page on your website or company profiles in employment search sites. This marketing focus includes the multitude of ways you present your identity and the opportunities within your company to top recruiting prospects.

Let’s build an employment brand that will help your organization attract, recruit and retain talented employees.

At 24 Communications, our work with you includes the development of recruiting materials to attract ideal employees and employment materials for bringing new team members on board as well as the implementation of communications tools to keep your team connected.

Specific service areas include:

  • Recruiting Materials
  • Social Media Recruiting Strategies and Implementation
  • Employment Materials /HR Package Design
  • Team Communications

Let’s Work Together