Design Tips for Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are a great opportunity to put your best foot forward when meeting with your market face to face. But be careful that your exhibit design doesn’t detract from the good first impression you are hoping to make.

First, as with all marketing materials, your trade show booth design should be consistent with your brand identity. So unless your brand is espousing poor quality and unprofessional presentation, you want to avoid exhibit designs that convey that impression.

For example, don’t overdo graphics to add variety. More is not better in trade show exhibits. Instead of a hodgepodge of graphical elements, go for eye-catching visibility that distinguishes your exhibit among the others. Your graphics should be able to be seen from a distance. Catch people’s attention with rich, colorful graphics or powerful photos. And limit your main colors to three or less.

The use of multimedia, including animation, video and interactivity, can also add impact – assuming it fits your brand and theme. And as you represent your organization in the best light possible, don’t forget to provide adequate lighting. It makes a difference in how you’re seen.

Also, keep the copy simple. You’ve only got seconds to give attendees a reason to stop at your booth as they pass by. Remember, your exhibit design is not a news feed. It’s an ad that should have an overarching theme. Make your message clear and compelling.

Remember to coordinate the literature you provide with the display itself. Brand consistency is ever critical in a saturated media environment.

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