Defining Your Employer Brand

As we’ve said in other blog posts, your brand identity is far more than your logo design and your advertising campaign. Your brand is the sum of everything produced or created that represents your company in addition to all the ways your organization interacts with your market. That includes how you represent yourself and interact with potential team members.

One important area of your branding involves how your organization is perceived as an employer. Your employer brand can lay the groundwork for organizational success as it creates perceptions that help you draw the best talent. Your internal communications strategies that are part of this employer brand can also help motivate employees into becoming advocates for your organization. That advocacy aspect is critical because word-of-mouth marketing is so important. People trust recommendations from family and friends, and when those recommendations come from family and friends actually associated with your organization, that’s an even stronger endorsement.

While your employer brand may begin with corporate philosophy, the details of this philosophy are carried out in communication strategies. That’s where graphic design, copywriting, website development, collateral print materials and other marketing tools come into play. Your employer brand should have a look and tone that fits with all of the other branding elements that support your marketing plan.

For example, your website design may need to incorporate a “How to Join Our Team” webpage, a feature for posted job listings and links to online applications. Your Human Resources department may need designed and printed folders and inserts for your benefits programs. Your Marketing department may need to publish internal social media guidelines. Whatever the details you’d like to design, distribute or publish to support your employer brand, we can help.

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