Google Adwords: The Benefits of a Campaign for Your Business

The “rule of seven,” a longtime advertising concept, says that consumers need to be exposed to your marketing message seven times before they act. This rule actually predates the current media landscape where almost anyone can be exposed to thousands of media messages per day. Even so, the concept still holds true that multiple impressions are needed to reach the people who need you. These impressions are most successfully organized and presented within an integrated marketing campaign.

An integrated marketing campaign supports your brand identity across all media. But which media – and how it’s integrated – is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Everybody’s marketing plan looks different.

For retail, for example, billboards are a well-placed avenue. But if you’re a business selling services to other businesses – not so much. Including case studies in your website design might be just right for B2B marketing but not always for B2C. If you’ve seen network news lately, you may have noticed that many ads are geared to an aging generation that is loyal to local and national television news around the dinner hour. But that’s probably not the best outlet to reach millennials.

The point is to consider where your customer potentially is. An integrated marketing campaign takes into account where your customers are and where you need to connect. We’re 24 Communications, a marketing firm and branding agency in Montgomery, Alabama. To talk about your integrated marketing campaign, give us a call or send us an email.

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