Create a Microsite for Maximum Effect

What’s the next step you want prospects to take after they read your marketing piece? Call us, stop by, sign up, register today, visit our website… these are among the many calls-to-action you could use. Even so, in a consumer environment where nearly 90% of shoppers research online before buying in-store, your prospects will often choose a visit to your website as their first follow-up to your marketing.

With online advertising, a “click here” that leads to a landing page will guide consumers to a page that continues your message and helps them in their decision-making. Your website analytics will show you traffic details that can help you gauge the success of this marketing sequence. This is a good tool to use.

For integrated marketing campaigns that bring in print, electronic and online pieces, however, you may prefer to create a microsite. A microsite is a single web page or a cluster of pages that is separate from your main website. The benefits for the marketer are quite a few.

First, a microsite is focused. Instead of delivering the full message of your products and services, it supports a themed marketing campaign. The message you want to stand out stands out.

Microsites use a specific URL, which makes it easy to track response as well as test different campaign approaches. Great design and strong copy complement the other elements of your campaign, making it easy for consumers to recognize the theme.

Microsites lead your audience right where you want them to go, instead of taking them to a corporate home page with multiple messages. At the same time, you can keep your home page uncluttered.

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