Always Be Marketing

“Always be marketing” is a common expression for those who want to keep their organization names in front of their clients, customers and prospects. It’s a sound mantra for whatever cycle your business is in – slow times, busy times or anything in between.

However, the strategy of continued commitment doesn’t mean “avoid changes.” In fact, there are times when changing out an old marketing feature is an important step in redefining your brand.

For example, when do you decide that it’s time for a new logo design? A professionally designed and updated logo serves many purposes. It can help you build brand recognition, improve the perception of your brand and increase your market’s confidence in your organization. If your current logo looks dated or of poor design quality, you could be due for a change.

Another consideration: is it time for a redesign of your website? The answer may be yes if your organization has grown into the need for additional features, such as an intranet, event management or e-commerce. You’ll also want to consider whether your current website uses outdated features such as Flash and a splash page, or if your SEO strategy is haphazard instead of interwoven.

But perhaps the decision-making clincher is this. If your current web design isn’t responsive to the different size devices that access your website – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktop monitors – we recommend moving website development high on your list.

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