5 Benefits of Integrated Advertising

Most organizations at one time or another find themselves in this place – patching together marketing pieces and advertising campaigns as-needed. Hopefully they have a similar look and feel, but since spending time on marketing takes time away from the core business, you’re just lucky to get it out the door!

The good news is, there’s a much better way.

This way, however, requires delegating (yeah, I find that tough also) and getting back to whatever you do best instead of trying to be your own ad agency. Once you take this step, your business will be on the road to greater visibility, more time, and better leads.

The answer is integrated advertising, which means utilizing multiple advertising channels while maintaining consistent content and messaging. That way you reach more of your target audience with a cohesive, integrated approach.

And the best part is that you don’t have to do it yourself!

  1. Reduces Stress

One of the greatest complaints of any business leader is the stress. It ain’t easy being the boss! Clients depend on you. Employees depend on you. You depend on vendors. That’s a lot of dependence, which equals a lot of stress.

Taking an integrated approach to advertising reduces that stress by streamlining and amplifying existing efforts. Core content is used multiple times, meaning you don’t have to recreate the wheel for every ad, format, or campaign. And as mentioned previously, letting a professional firm handle your integrated advertising will reduce your stress level even more.

  1. Creates Consistency

In politics, we say that it takes a voter seeing/hearing your message seven times before he or she can even recall who you are and possibly what you’re saying. For brands, that number is even higher due to the constant bombardment of marketing messages consumers and businesses hear hourly.

If you do not have a consistent look, feel, and theme to your advertising, add another multiplier to how many times someone needs to hear from you to truly receive your message. Sounds costly – because it is.

Integrated advertising starts with creation of a branding guide and a brand voice guide so that everything created for you (or by you if you can’t let go) is consistent. Whether it’s a digital ad, a magazine ad, or a banner pulled behind an airplane, that consistency will make your target audience more likely to remember you and your message.

  1. Reinforces Market Position

There is at least one other business, usually a dozen more in actuality, out there that wants your clients and is going after the same prospects. A haphazard approach to marketing means you are behind the eight ball in maintaining brand loyalty and building brand recognition.

By utilizing integrated advertising, you can better reinforce your market position. How? Through repetition of your message. It allow allows you to touch your targets through multiple channels. This is important in the post-television era that is marked by multiple screens and literally millions of content publishers.

  1. Generates Leads

The entire goal of advertising is to generate and nurture leads. Since consumers and businesses now research online before making a buying decision, you must have a strong web presence that compels them to reach out to you. It should be responsive (pretty on mobile devices and tablets), digestible, and compelling.

Through integrated advertising, you can accomplish each of these goals. The result will provide more meaningful contacts for leads in the nurturing phase, along with higher quality new leads. Why? Because you are answering questions that matter to your prospects.

  1. Sets You Apart

Who wants to be like everyone else? Where’s the fun (or profit) in that?

When you use integrated advertising, you take the road less traveled. It’s easy to throw together marketing pieces or just ignore it completely. It’s tough to create core content, maintain brand consistency, communicate through multiple channels, and provide value before someone even spends a dime with you. But that’s why you aren’t like your competition, and that’s why you’re going to start an integrated advertising campaign this year, right?


These five benefits definitely sound enticing. And they are not some far-fetched wishlist. Each and all are possible for you and your business, if you will take one step – determine to stop one-off marketing. Email or call us today and let us know how we can meet your needs.

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